Follow who?

Two minutes. It took me at least two minutes to realise they didn’t mean following literally.

"We need to follow them, so we can better meet their needs". I was starting to envisage disguises and newspapers with eye holes when I was introduced to the world of instagram…

We’re a family business and each generation brings something new. The third generation has arrived at H.E Box, bringing a whole new language with them. Well, it certainly feels like a new language to the 1st and 2nd generation! The office is now buzzing with ‘hashtag’, ‘likes’, ‘follow’ as well as the usual ‘nap’, ‘melton’ and ‘pattern’.

After 104 years of trading we are joining the party and embracing the digital world. Our website is now live and instagram and facebook are slowly coming to life.

And finally, to our loyal customer base, please rest assured those of you requiring discretion will continue to receive it. We won't post anything about working with you without your permission. We'd hate to spoil a big reveal! Same old Box discretion and values.

Welcome to the latest chapter in H.E Box’s history, we hope you like it!

Yours Sue,

2nd generation merchant


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