Over 100 years of supporting British Manufacturing


In a fast changing world what can an independent Woollen merchant offer today?

Customer Service - still retaining genuine customer contact, with time to speak about each customer's requirements. No call centres just straight forward everyday customer contact.

Quality - as a merchant we have the freedom to source only the highest quality product, as we are not tied to a specific mill.


Best of British - our product has been designed and manufactured here in Britain.

Fair Wage - paying the producers and workers a fair wage in line with our country's expectations.

Sustainability - All Wool natural products and environmentally friendly.

Supportive - 10% discount for all not for profit organisations and individuals e.g. students, any living religion.


In 1913 the First Lord of the Admiralty (Winston Churchill) drew up plans for a blackout of British Coastal Towns in the event of War. These plans were soon implemented after the outbreak of WWI on 28 July 1914.

During this time Fry’s Chocolate of Bristol (later Cadburys) commissioned a relatively new Woollen Merchant also based in Bristol to supply black all wool cloth to cover the windows of their premises. Many people associate blackout with WWII but the German Zepplins began bombing Britain in the first world war.

Box Woollen Merchants survived WWI, The Great Depression, WWII and more recent events such as 9/11, Foot and mouth, 2008 Financial Crisis all of which impacted on the business.


Nevertheless it remains one of just a few genuinely independent Woollen Merchants – still supporting the best of British Manufacturing and still supplying a diverse worldwide customer base.